Private practice for psychotherapy

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Welcome in my private practice for psychotherapy and consultation!

Although I am definetely not a native english speaking person, my english seems to be at least good enough and I made some experience with psychotherapy, consultation and coaching in english with patients from all over the world while I worked in prison and forensic psychiatry.

As a psychological psychotherapist I offer psychodynamic psychotherapy ("Tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Psychotherapie") for adults in single setting. Apart from that, you can also consult me for coachings, if you do not need a psychotherapy in sense of guidelines from health insurances.


There are free vacancies for psychotherapy and consultation in english.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Usually private health insurances take over the costs for ambulant psychotherapy in private practice – because of the immense contract variations I´ll always ask patients to talk to their private insurance company to get the details before first session in my practice.

And, of course, you can pay treatment for ambulant psychotherapy by yourself as a self-payer.

This is a private practice, so I do not have a cash register approval. This means, if you do have a regular statutory health insurance ("Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung") you usually have to go to a contract (not a private) therapist with cash register approval. There are exceptions! If you do not find a treatment center for ambulant psychotherapy because of lack of vacancies or lack of english speaking contract therapists, you can talk to your statutory health insurance and ask for help to find treatment in english. Usually you will get then a list with contract therapists or a transfer code to the „Terminservicestelle“ (telephone: 116117), a coordinating service for finding free vacanacies in the contract practices for psychotherapy. And if all these trys dont lead to succeess, then it is possible to apply for a reimbursement procedure at the health insurance company. This is something, we would do together after a first talk in my practice. There is no garuantee, that health insurance gives commitment to pay the costs.

Consultation & Coaching

If it is not about psychodynamic psychotherapy in the regular meaning, maybe because you do not have symptoms with desease severity which are necessary to treat within a guidline psychotherapy, you can ask for coaching lessons or consulation. Usually there are between one and ten sessions to focus on a specific problem. Psychological-psychotherapeutic consultations and coachings always are a self-pay service.

If you do have questions, please send me an Email with details of the issue and your contact details. I usually reply within a week.


Appointments take place exclusively by appointment.